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The Leaders In Personal Air and UV Protection

Air & Dust Masks (99% of PM2.5)

A innovative and unique line of face masks specifically designed and created to protect you from air pollution, dust and smog.

Style Seal, Penumbra and Umbra are handcrafted stylish personalised face masks specifically designed to restrict the breathing of polluted air. Each mask has dedicated barrier layers and comes with easily replaceable filters.

Our Masks include:

  • Multiple sizes and adjustable ear loops to ensure a tight seal
  • Breatheable fine fabrics offer high air flow, comfort and style
  • Replaceable color coded filters in multiple levels to match your needs
  • Optional air fresheners and exhalation valves


This is a fantastic mask if living – working in an environmentally challenged, polluted – industrial cities, or traveling on planes or any public transport. Ive been cough and Bronchitis – flu free for 3 months now.Christian Brady
Great product! The filters attach so simply with velcro. I don’t know how I managed without one driving around the busy city streets of Bangkok, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. Great value for a quality product. Would recommend to anyone.Rob Holmes
The masks are stylish and comfortable. After trying one, I had some masks made with my company logo on the front and sent them to customers in high pollution areas. They all love them. I use my own frequently when traveling on air planes and trains around Asia. Joe Di Rienzo

Why Air Masks?

The hazards in our air are often invisible – when air pollution or smog becomes visible it is often too late, we should have been wearing masks way before now. Exposure to air pollution results in long term health problems, notwithstanding the risks from the spread of airborne communicable diseases.

Your mask is your safety mechanism, use it if you are:

  • Sensitive to pollution
  • Suffer from allergies of hay fever
  • Working in a high risk locations e.g. hair/nail salon or in construction
  • Already ill and need to protect your fellow man
  • In a high population environment, planes, trains or elevators
  • Aged or young – you are more vulnerable
  • In a dusty environment

Masks for Air & UV Protection


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