The Story of StyleSEAL

The Story of StyleSEALOn my first trip to Asia in the early 2000s, I was intrigued by seeing some people wearing surgical masks. Having lived my entire life in the USA, I had never seen anyone wearing a surgical mask anywhere but inside a medical office. I asked a few questions and was told pneumonia could be a problem, so wearing a mask sounded smart to me.

I didn’t think much about it until I was back in Hong Kong during the start of the SARS outbreak in 2003. People started dying and the public and I were really scared. A friend I was traveling with had a cough but not the flu. When he would cough on the plane during flights in China people were nearly diving under their seats. But even with the risk of SARS, only a few more people were wearing a mask. That got me thinking: “Why don’t more people wear masks? Common sense says everyone should wear them under the circumstances.

I concluded that more people don’t wear masks because of one or all of the reasons below:

  • The hazards in the air are invisible, so out of sight out of mind: “It won’t happen to me”.
  • Many people do not want to look funny wearing a surgical or commercial type mask.
  • Masks aren’t readily available.

I learned through personal testing that many of the masks on the market have poor sealing, so it is impossible for the masks to function properly. I tried quite a few different ways to develop a product designed for the typical commuter and children.

StyleSEAL Midnight Black Air Pollution MaskAfter quite a few variations I ended up with the StyleSEAL Air Mask, the best sealing mask on the market. There was a lot to learn and we are still learning and developing so we can help more people young and old protect themselves.

Our goal is to educate the public so we can help make the invisible hazards of air pollution and germs visible. We are committed to educating the public so they can realize the hazards they face. We created our villain Ick as an evil character to represent the invisible hazards. Our hero Style Seal is committed to fighting the hazards and to save people from their invisible dangers.

Additionally, our air masks are designed to be as visually appealing as possible so you can feel comfortable wearing them in public. We prefer to call them air masks because they are designed to protect you from the air you breathe.

Through the advancement of the internet, a team of committed dealers and other sales channels we aim to make sure people all over the world can have ready access to attractive, efficient and affordable personal air protection.

Many masks on the market are expensive. We are committed to making our air masks affordable, so we designed the only air mask with a replaceable filter, greatly reducing the cost. Finally, our replaceable filters are far more environmentally friendly than disposable alternatives, surgical masks, and respirators.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make affordable, attractive, well designed and manufactured personal air protection products readily available worldwide whilst educating the public about the hazards they encounter and how to best protect themselves.

Our Cast

Our two characters, Style Seal and Ick (see below), are used in a humorous way to portray how our hero Style Seal, using our products can help protect you against the villain Ick and his invisible pollution and diseases. Hopefully, they can convey a serious topic in a humorous and entertaining way that young and old can understand.

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