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Air Quality

The Air Quality Index (AQI) and other similar scales are a good method for local governments to inform the general public about the relative air quality for a city or large metropolitan areas. We term that your “macro-environment”.

Your macro-environments can change rapidly as shown in the photos from Singapore below.  We have all also seen photos from China when the weather factors change and pollution become extremely bad with AQI readings well over 200 or even 300.

Knowing the general air quality in your macro-environment is good, but not good enough. You need to know the air quality in your specific micro-environment where you breathe, commute, work and live in.  The air quality in your micro-environment can change even quicker than in your macro-environment.  The local AQI reading may not be bad, but the air quality where you are breathing could be hazardous due to many factors such as:

  • Wind
  • Traffic
  • Industry
  • Fire and Many Other Factors

Plume Air Report

Another method to get the macro-environment air quality in your city is through the Plume Air Report.  You can set notifications for in the morning, or evening or for alerts as needed with the current air quality in your city.  This can then give you a heads up as to what you may expect  before you go out to work or play.

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