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StyleSEAL Supports the Global Climate Strike

StyleSEAL supported the Global Climate Strike on Friday, September 20th by providing StyleSEAL air masks for children to the Sang Foundation in Bangkok. The Sang Foundation participated in the Climate Strike and is committed to promoting environmental awareness and education, especially in regards to plastic misuse. Climate Strikers are demanding that politicians and businesses take action […]

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Air Pollution Is Deadly Even at Low Levels

  An international team of researchers used data from 652 cities in 24 countries to correlate levels of particulate matter pollution with day-to-day mortality rates. They measured the concentrations of two microscopic particles of soot, PM 2.5 and PM 10, particles small enough to enter the lungs or the bloodstream. The study, in the New England […]

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Avoid getting sick when you travel for work

Frequent business travel can lower your resistance, but there are some very easy ways to keep from getting sick when away from home. “Travelers should aim to exercise regularly, sleep well, eat healthfully, reduce stress levels, and have some kind of regular digital detox established at home,” says Dr. Navya Mysore, a primary care physician […]


Why you need to protect yourself on flights: The spread of flu on airplanes

If you have flown commercially, you have probably experienced someone either beside or behind you with a cough, sniffles or sneezing. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, most people just hope for the best. Read on to learn how flu spreads on airplanes, and what you can do to protect yourself.  Considerations About the Spread […]


Should I wear a face mask for protection?

Did you know we breathe almost 6,000 times more air in a lifetime than we consume water?  If we all drink bottled water, shouldn’t we filter our air when we breathe that much more? Common sense says yes. Each of us are unique with different reactions our environment. Air quality that may be fine for […]

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Air pollution linked to huge reduction in intelligence

Air pollution has a huge negative effect on intelligence, according to a study by the National Academy of Sciences The research is one of the first studies to focus on the links between air pollution and cognition in older people. It was done by scientists at Peking and Yale Universities, and published in Proceedings of […]

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Air Pollution Masks – 5 Key Questions Answered

1. Do Air Pollution Masks Really Work? Anti-pollution masks do work, but all are not equal at protecting you against particulate matter (PM). PM2.5 are particles that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which is about 3% the diameter of a human hair. Commonly written as PM2.5, particles this size tend to stay […]

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What makes StyleSEAL Air Masks different?

StyleSEAL  masks are designed for comfort StyleSEAL masks have been carefully designed to not only provide effective protection, but also to be comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly. Read more to learn what makes StyleSEAL masks different from the competition. Off-the-Face Design All StyleSEAL masks are designed so the inside of the mask do not […]

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Hair & Nail Salons Are Hazardous Environments

A recent report from the National Safety Council identifies Hair and Nail Salons as extremely hazardous environments, specifically referring to air quality (as published in Safety and Health Magazine.) Article Summary Hair and nail salons are full of many chemicals that can cause serious short and long term problems for both the staff and customers. Some […]

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Air pollution in 2018 – What to know!

Air pollution is a truly global issue. Detrimental air quality causes issues for communities everywhere and manifests itself in different ways worldwide. For 2018, we urge you to take note of these 3 issues, note – Air pollution is real take a look at the stats for yourself. The numbers are shocking. Pollution is hard to battle because it is invisible to the …

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Stunning Portraits of the Air Pollution Crisis in India

Photographer spotlights India’s air pollution – Global Journalist Melanie Dornier was disturbed by the air pollution in the Indian city of Gurgaon. So she began photographing people holding x-rays of their lungs. “We all breathe the same air.” Melanie Dornier was once a social worker in the United Kingdom and her native France, where she […]

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