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  • Sale! styleseal neck strap mask lanyard

    Mask Lanyard (Neck Strap)


    A mask lanyard (neck strap) in black color for your STYLESEAL Air Mask. The neck strap attaches to the ear-loops of the STYLESEAL air filter mask, and can be adjusted in length.

  • styleseal exhalation valve cover

    Exhalation Valve Cover Kit


    An exhalation valve cover kit to conveniently seal off the valve on your STYLESEAL air mask. The STYLESEAL Air Filter Mask is designed to protect you against harmful particles in the air, including PM2.5, gasses, bacteria and viruses. We offer an exhalation valve on our masks, as it greatly increases comfort when wearing, especially if…

  • Sale! styleseal air freshener sticks

    Air Freshener Sticks


    Air freshener sticks for use in STYLESEAL, Penumbra or Umbra Air Masks. Does not include any essential oils. See instructions below. Use our air freshener sticks with a few drops of essential oil to treat yourself with a fresh scent inside your mask and brighten up your day. If you live in a big urban…

  • styleseal mask bag

    STYLESEAL Mask Bag


    The STYLESEAL mask bag allows you to easily store your mask when you’re not wearing it. It’s an easy way to protect your mask against damage and dirt. Use it at home, or when you are on the go. Suitable for STYLESEAL air filter masks or basic face masks. Size: 17cm X 15cm Color: Black…