StyleSEAL Air Masks are composed of 3 layers:

  • A fashionable outer layer
  • An airtight middle layer
  • A soft inner layer

StyleSEAL Air Mask

The outer layer of the mask is made of high-quality fabrics with superior breathability. These fabrics allow the air to easily pass through to the filters in the second layer.

The filters cannot be seen from the outside, but are easily replaced from the inside. A strong mold-able nose piece is inside the trim. The nose piece ensures the mask has the individual fit to your face for optimal sealing.

The airtight middle layer ensures all the air is directed through the filters so you are only breathing filtered air.

The airtight material also provides 99% UV protection.

The soft inner layer provides comfort while in contact with your face.  Two filter holders are attached to the soft inner layer and can hold any of our replaceable filters.  Filters are offered with varying efficiency rates so you can match the filter to the current pollution level of your environment. Activated carbon can be selected optionally on some filters. Nano-silver is added for extra bacteria protection on 95S and 99S filters.

Read More About Filters


Penumbra and Umbra Air Mask

Penumbra means half-shadow in Latin, and Umbra means full shadow.

Besides air filtration, the Umbra and Penumbra Air Masks provide 99% UV protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our filters fit inside the Umbra and Penumbra, offering you the utmost in protection on the job or at play.

The Penumbra and Umbra are constructed similarly to StyleSEAL Air Masks on the inside but differ on the outside. The outer layer of the Penumbra and Umbra is made of SPF 50 UV material, and the wrap around the head offers a larger area of UV protection.

UV protection that meets your needs

  • StyleSEAL offers protection of the face
  • Penumbra provides full protection of the lower face, ears, and neck
  • Umbra for full protection of the entire face, ears, and neck

Umbra is great for:

  • Sun-sensitive people
  • Motorcyclists
  • Biking, hiking, golf and most outdoor sports
  • Hunters and fishermen
  • Outdoor construction and maintenance workers
  • Hunters

Penumbra is great for:

  • Security staff, police and military
  • Cycling, hiking, running, golf and sports
  • Children on the way to and from school

HiVis Safety Air Masks

Penumbra and Umbra both offer a safety option for the orange models. This option includes a Hi-Visibility green marking stripe with a 10 mm reflective strip. This helps prevent accidents both day and night. The markings are visible from all angles of the Penumbra and Umbra.

We use only the best quality reflective materials on the market. The safety feature is a great addition for:

  • Security staff, police and military
  • Cycling, hiking, running, golf and sports
  • Hunters
  • Outdoor maintenance, construction and road workers
  • Manufacturing
  • Children on the way to and from school

Bandera Air Mask

Bandera was designed as a cool and less expensive alternative to the Penumbra and Umbra. The adjustable hook and loop band in the back and the elastic material allow for full adjustability.

Once you set the proper fit then you never need to adjust again. Like a bandana, the Bandera can be pulled off over your head or down and worn around your neck.

The Bandera is designed to offer attractive protection against the sun and dirt plus allowing you the option to add filters like the Penumbra and Umbra. The Bandera is great for:

  • Motorcyclists
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
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