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India Gate can barely be seen through smog in Delhi. Around 4.3 million deaths in 2012 were caused by indoor air pollution, mostly from wood and coal stoves in Asia.



Today, air pollution is one of the top threats to human health according the World Health Organisation.

There are plenty of masks on the market, but almost all offer little in the way of style and air filtration.

Now there is something much better to protect yourself and your family.

Introducing the StyleSEAL Air Mask

The StyleSEAL Air Mask offers a wealth of superior features to protect you while being stylish and comfortable.

Choose from a variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

StyleSEAL is not only fashionable but also features:

  • Color-coded replaceable filters in multiple filtration levels enabling you to match your level of protection to the hazard in your environment and control costs.
  • Much more effective filtration area than other models with replacement filters. Optional filters offering protection against chemical and bacterial hazards are available.
  • Multiple sizes, adjustable ear straps and a strong nose piece ensure that you get that all important secure face seal with the utmost in comfort.
  • A variety of scented air fresheners to enhance your experience.

Wearing a StyleSEAL Air Mask is an investment in your health and far less expensive than unnecessary visits to your doctor for you and your family.

StyleSEAL is not only comfortable but also fashionable – choose from a variety of stylish colors and fabrics – look as smart as you are for wearing one.


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