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We all drink bottled water every day and many of us try to eat a healthy diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, for some reason most of us do not concern ourselves nearly as much with the quality of the air we breathe.   Considering an average average-sized adult male inhales approximately 10,800 liters (2,642 gal.) of air a day this makes no sense.

The hazardous microscopic particles in the form of air pollution are so small they can’t be seen until they are thick as pea soup.  We need to protect ourselves long before the air quality gets that bad.

Fresh air is critical to your health, well-being and proper body functions.  Also, many of these hazardous particles can be toxic such as benzene and vinyl chloride —causing cancer, birth defects, long term injury to the lungs, as well as brain and nerve damage.  STYLE SEAL offers the protection you need to insure you will BE FRESH, BE SMART AND BE STYLISH


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