Air pollution in 2018 – What to know!

Air pollution is a truly global issue. Detrimental air quality causes issues for communities everywhere and manifests itself in different ways worldwide.

For 2018, we urge you to take note of these 3 issues, note – Air pollution is real take a look at the stats for yourself.

Air pollution in 2018 - What to know!

The numbers are shocking

Pollution is hard to battle because it is invisible to the naked eye. The impact is still immense. Estimates show that there are 9 million premature deaths a year worldwide related to air quality problems. Around 500,000 of those are in Europe alone, while 40% of Americans live in counties with unhealthy levels of air pollution.

The facts are clear

The research and science surrounding air pollution is constantly growing and evolving. There are new studies constantly delving into the impacts of air pollution at each stage of life. Recent studies have shown links to low birth weight in newborns, premature death in seniors, and to mental health concerns for adults.

Air pollution in 2018 - What to know!

Change is coming

Don’t be discouraged. We are now getting more research than ever before, which is inspiring action from different countries and organizations around the world to inspire action. Cities around the globe are now funding research and initiatives to ban using diesel and finding other ways to use clean energy. Here is a list of how global citizens can change their habits and help to pressure for improvements.

The first step can be easy – get a mask today to improve your health!

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