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Paf Use, Wear, Fitting Instructions

Use and Wear Instructions

  • Depending on the PAF selected follow the use, care and wear instructions included with each STYLE SEAL
  • All STYLE SEAL PAF’s offer strong nose pieces to allow proper molding of the PAF to match the contours of each individual face to insure a tight seal. A tight seal is critical to the effective use of any PAF or other mask.
  • Select the proper filter to meet your hazard level.
  • Do not use a PAF with a Air Vent if you are protecting others against the spread of your airborne germs.
  • Replace filters regularly based on your use and application.
  • Keep the PAF clean. Follow the cleaning instructions included with your specific PAF.   Remove the filters, mildly HAND wash and rinse the PAF with soap and water.  Hang dry.  Also refer to the FAQ on this website.
  • Carefully handle and store your PAF to avoid damage and extend the lifespan. Keep dirt or debris from entering the filters during storage.  Preferably remove the filters after use and replace.
  • Refer to any product date use codes on the packaging.
  • If your PAF includes an Air Vent inspect frequently to insure it is working properly. Refer to the FAQ on this website. Click HERE.
  • Inspect the PAF before each use and replace the PAF if damaged.

Fitting Instructions

  • Use the sizing chart or template to select the PAF that best fits your unique face.
  • Place one ear loop over your ear. Arrange the PAF over your face with the bottom under your chin and noseband across bridge of your nose. Place the other ear loop behind your other ear making  sure no hair is  between your  face and the PAF.  Adjust the adjustable loops as needed for the proper fit.  Use the Seal Check to test the proper seal.
  • Squeeze the moldable nose piece to seal the PAF completely around your face to create a tight seal for maximum filtering efficiency. Check for air leaks by feeling for air around the PAF as you breath.  Adjust as needed.  Use the Seal Check to test the proper seal.

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