Exhalation Valve Cover Kit

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Seal off your exhalation valve when you need.

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An exhalation valve cover kit to conveniently seal off the valve on your STYLESEAL AIR mask

The STYLESEAL AIR Filter Mask is designed to protect you against harmful particles in the air, including PM2.5, gasses, bacteria, and viruses. We offer an exhalation valve on our masks, as it greatly increases comfort when wearing, especially if you are active.

The valve on the mask is one-way only, which means no particles can enter the mask from the outside. However, forceful coughing or sneezing can expel some droplets from the wearer of the mask through the valve.

People can get infected with a virus when a person coughs or sneezes, as tiny droplets travel and can land on surfaces and in a person’s mouth, nose or eyes.

If you already own a mask and want an exhalation valve cover we offer it for only 10 baht. One kit includes 2 “VALVE SEAL” cover stickers and 2 “OFF” labels for the outside of the valve.

How to use the exhalation valve cover kit

The exhalation valve cover kit includes 2 inner valve covers and 2 outer “OFF” labels. The larger “VALVE SEAL” cover will seal the valve from the inside, to prevent droplets from being expelled when you cough or sneeze. The smaller OFF label shows the public that the valve is OFF.

1) First, peel the backing off the large “VALVE SEAL” cover and apply it over the valve on the inside of your mask, 2) Then peel the backing from the OFF label and apply it over the valve on the outside.

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Note: Using the exhalation valve cover is optional!

The exhalation valve plays an important role in expelling moisture and reducing CO2 when you breathe. We only recommend using the exhalation valve cover if you believe you are contagious or are legally required to do so. A report by the CDC recently showed that respirators with exhalation valves still block more particles than surgical masks.

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Korngamon Khaimarn
Great product

Very good quality and so comfortable when wearing.