Stars & Stripes Air Mask


Advanced air mask with replaceable filters, designed to protect you against all airborne dangers.


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SAFE – Filters up to 99% PM2.5 air pollution, dust, smoke, allergens, bacteria and viruses – independently tested by Nelson Labs, USA.

REUSABLE – Eco-friendly washable mask with replaceable filters – Just change filters and use the mask again.

COMFORTABLE – 3D off-the-face design makes wearing comfortable – includes adjustable ear-loops and moldable nosepiece.

OPTIONAL VALVE – Reduces heat, CO2 and moisture buildup inside the mask – makes breathing easier when you are active.

  • Includes 2 free pairs of filters (80S and 80+)
  • Note: the stars are on the right side of the mask!

Size guide:

  • Small (S) – Fits kids 2-8 years old
  • Medium (M) – Fits older kids and small adults
  • Large (L) – Fits normal adults
  • Extra Large (XL) – Fits large adults


STYLESEAL air masks are composed of 3 layers:

  • A smooth outer layer of microfiber that acts as a pre-filter for large particles
  • An airtight middle layer that forces air from outside through the filters inside
  • A soft non-woven inner layer where the replaceable filters are installed

Recommended extras:

filters thumnail compressed - air mask
Filter Packs – fits all STYLESEAL Air Masks

Customer Reviews

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Dan L.
These are great masks, but...

The only thing I have an issue with is with each of the masks I purchase from Style Seal. After you’ve worn the mask a few times, without washing the masks (I wanted to test out the theory), the fabric inside, and also from the filters, tend to come away as with wear and tear and begin tickling my nose, which can be pretty annoying and you tend to take the masks off and see what exactly can be done to stop this, but sadly there is nothing that can be done. I switch masks and the same thing happens again with that mask as well.

I love these masks as they have been the ONLY masks that I can buy in Thailand that actually fit my face. Every other mask I have purchased from online stores or in the market or supermarkets have hurt my ears, been way too small for my face and tear and break easily. Style Seal makes quality masks but they really need to go back to the drawing board and use another fabric for the inside of the mask and another way to house the filters so they don’t irritate your nose. Perhaps encase the filters in a thin piece of plastic that snaps in place. It won’t be any different than the plastic piece inside with the valve.

These are just some suggestions, but the masks truly are amazing and well made and of good quality, it is just this one annoying feature that needs to be addressed, at least for me.