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Sensitive Groups and Allergies

Many of us are sensitive to air pollution, pollen and other allergens in the air.  Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is the fifth most common disease in the United States (U.S.). 

Some groups of people are more sensitive to air pollution than others such as asthmatics, those with allergies, the aging and especially young children.  Different people can be sensitive to different air contaminants and react differently to breathing them. 

A realization that we can protect ourselves from the allergens and pollution is how STYLE SEAL was born. 

STYLE SEAL is an easy drug free method to help those of us suffering from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) lead a more normal and happy life when allergens are present. 

There is now substantial evidence on the adverse effects of air pollution on different pregnancy outcomes and infant health. The evidence also shows a relationship between exposure to ambient air pollutants and adverse effects on the development of lung function. Reversible lung function deficits, chronically reduced lung growth rates and lower lung function levels are associated with exposure to air pollution.  Protect yourself during pregnancy with STYLE SEAL and teach your children from an early age the importance of breathing clean air.


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