Filter Packs


PM2.5 filters (pack of 5):

  • 80-YELLOW (mild pollution)
  • 90-ORANGE (moderate pollution)
  • 95S-RED (severe pollution)*
  • 99S-PURPLE (hazardous pollution)*

PM2.5 + CARBON filters (pack of 5):

  • 80+CARBON
  • 90+CARBON 
  • 95+CARBON
  • 99+CARBON

We recommend the CARBON filters for city use.

Note: higher level filters are harder to breathe through, so don’t choose a higher level than you need.

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All StyleSEAL filters are tested at Nelson Labs, Salt Lake City, USA in compliance with US-FDA regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 280 at a particle size down to 0.3 microns. Filters up to 99% PM2.5.

Each pack contains 5 pairs of filters. We recommend you change filters every 2 weeks. Also change them if they get wet, look very dirty or are hard to breathe through.

CARBON filters provide extra protection against chemical gasses and traffic fumes. We recommend you use carbon filters in areas with industry and heavy traffic.

The 95S-RED and 99S-PURPLE filters include a medical grade nano-silver coating that helps to eliminate bacteria and germs.

Use the Air Quality Index (AQI) to choose your filter

  1. Use the AirVisual app or the WAQI website to check the pollution level (AQI) in your area
  2. Choose a filter that matches the color of the AQI. For example, if the AQI is orange, choose the 90-ORANGE or 90+CARBON filter
  3. Higher filters are harder to breathe through and also more expensive, so don’t choose a higher level than you need.

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