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Pro-Flow Mask is Perfect

I purchased a Pro-Flow mask, filter set, and lanyard for my daughter two weeks ago. I’ve always had trouble finding a mask that works well for her. The Pro-Flow was a perfect fit. It gives her mouth and nose full coverage without encroaching on her eyes or popping off her chin and nose when she is speaking. I’ll be buying another one for myself very soon.

Nice re design

I like the button popper design. The old hook system kept coming undone.

AIR Mask Filter Packs
Tharatip Panjatanasak

Air Mask Filter Packs

Beautiful, comfortable mask

I love the basic black air masks (I believe it's called Zorro) and wanted to get a fun design too. It's beautiful and is a perfect fit for me.

Great mask; superb fit and protection

This is one of my favorites. These masks fit well and give great protection because of the changeable filters and adjustable fit. I have several to match what I am wearing. If you have to wear a mask, it might as well be fun!

Masks with vent

They fit well and breathing is comfortable. Hot moist air does not collect inside the mask. I purchased several for family and friends.

Midnight Blue AIR Mask
Christopher Judd
It's good, but not really suitable for heavy breathing activities.

I haven't tried it running. But for walking it's fine. The new material seems to be stiffer and holds the mask shape better than previous years. However I still think if you made a device to hold the outer most material from collapsing onto wearer while inhaling greatly like running you'd have better airflow and amazing product.

Pretty in Pink AIR Mask
Stacia Christensen
Excellent quality

Fits my little girls ages 2&4 great

Cubic Style AIR Mask
James Whiting

Cubic Style Air Mask

Ordered a second round

Comfortable fit. Cool style. We liked the ones we ordered a year ago so we ordered some more to ring in the new year.

AIR Mask Filter Packs
Robert Tyrrell
Great Service, Great Quality !! :)

Both mask and filters are great quality, Customer Service is efficient and fast and delivery 📦 🚚 to :)


An actual XL mask and comfortable

Zorro Black AIR Mask
Scott Coates

Zorro Black Air Mask

These are great masks, but...

The only thing I have an issue with is with each of the masks I purchase from Style Seal. After you’ve worn the mask a few times, without washing the masks (I wanted to test out the theory), the fabric inside, and also from the filters, tend to come away as with wear and tear and begin tickling my nose, which can be pretty annoying and you tend to take the masks off and see what exactly can be done to stop this, but sadly there is nothing that can be done. I switch masks and the same thing happens again with that mask as well.

I love these masks as they have been the ONLY masks that I can buy in Thailand that actually fit my face. Every other mask I have purchased from online stores or in the market or supermarkets have hurt my ears, been way too small for my face and tear and break easily. Style Seal makes quality masks but they really need to go back to the drawing board and use another fabric for the inside of the mask and another way to house the filters so they don’t irritate your nose. Perhaps encase the filters in a thin piece of plastic that snaps in place. It won’t be any different than the plastic piece inside with the valve.

These are just some suggestions, but the masks truly are amazing and well made and of good quality, it is just this one annoying feature that needs to be addressed, at least for me.

Venom AIR Mask
Katalin Fushimi

Would love to have a second cotton/ linen layer inside the mask. This way the replaceable filter disc is in between and can not scratch or irritate the face.

Melange Grey AIR Mask
Martin Pollard
Best mask

Best mask to be wearing during these Covid times and the upcoming pollution season


The filters are great but the mask itself gets rather itchy fast. my beard grows fast and that makes the fabric woolly…

AIR Mask Filter Packs
Pitarn Harnpanichpun

Air Mask Filter Packs

Urban Camo AIR Mask
Scott Coates
Good but too large

Good quality mask. I ordered 2 xl and wish I’d gotten L but otherwise good. And not sure about the merit of the valve. I think I’d go without valve next time. Any chance I can exchange the XL which I have not opened yet for an L without a valve?
Thank you.

Scott - [****]

AIR Mask Filter Packs
Jennifer Gampell
StyleSeal Rocks

I've been using StyleSeal for years. They're comfortable, durable, stylish and affordable. I wear the black one all the time. I've given them as presents and tell all my friends they should buy them. Most importantly, I feel really protected when I wear mine. And in these pandemic times, one should really wear one almost all the time!! ❤️💃🙏☺️

Pretty in Pink AIR Mask
Alastair Hamilton
Travel accessories

Great for my child to travel with in these times, comfortable and good design, while being stylish and easy to find in a travel bag.

Best All-Day Filtering Mask

I have been using Style-Seal masks for over 4 years – to filter severe air pollution long before COVID – and they are the best and most comfortable ever. 99S filters filter about everything out and are easy to breathe through. Great product!

Houndstooth Air Mask

Lupins AIR Mask
Most comfortable mask ever

This is my new favorite mask. It’s the most comfortable and I bought it for my child too and he loves it very much. 🥰