What makes StyleSEAL Air Masks different?

StyleSEAL  masks are designed for comfort

StyleSEAL masks have been carefully designed to not only provide effective protection, but also to be comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly. Read more to learn what makes StyleSEAL masks different from the competition.

  • Off-the-Face Design
    All StyleSEAL masks are designed so the inside of the mask do not touch the face. Only the trim touches the face. This means any dirt or cosmetics on the face do not soil the filters.
  • Filters Inside the Mask – StyleSEAL filters are attached inside the mask. The outer layer acts as a pre-filter for larger particles, and protects the filters inside the mask from damage.
  • Replaceable Means Less Waste – In other products the entire mask is made of filter material, which means they are not reusable. StyleSEAL masks are reusable as only the filters need to be replaced.

 Advantages of using replaceable air filters:

  • You can choose the level of filtration you need – low, medium or high.
  • You can see when it is time for the filter to be replaced.
  • Filters can be removed before washing the mask.



style seal maskOther features include:

  • Superior Sealing – our nose piece is made of high quality metal that extends the entire top of the mask. Along with adjustable ear loops, this ensures superior sealing on the face.
  • Easy Breathing – Our masks are easy to breathe through since there are only 2 layers; the outer layer and the filter.
  • Comfortable  – It is important that a mask is comfortable to wear. Our ear straps are adjustable and our masks are designed to be “off the face”. We offer 4 different sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.

Comparison of StyleSEAL and other brands

FiltersReplaceableBuilt inBuilt inReplaceable
Ease of breathingEasyDifficultDifficultEasy
Seal LevelHighMediumMediumLow
MaskReusableReusableReusableNot reusable
StyleYes, stylish.Exhalation valves in middle of mask frontExhalation valves in middle of mask front.No style
Off the face designYesYesYesNo
Environmentally SensitiveYes. Mask is reusable. Only filters replaced.YesYesNo
FitEar straps adjustable on both sides.No adjustment for ear straps.Ear straps adjustable on one side.No

Brand your masks – while being protected!

You can customize your StyleSEAL Air Mask with your logo.

Click here to learn more about custom branding

If you are spending money on personal air protection, get the best.  Contact us to order your StyleSEAL Air Masks today.


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