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The Leaders In Personal Air and UV Protection


Many workplaces can be hazardous in regards to air contaminants such as hair salons, nail salons and many others.  Construction and other outdoor work sites can put us in harm’s way from the burning UV rays of the sun.  STYLE SEAL, PENUMBRA and UMBRA offer not only optional air protection but 99.8% protection against the suns’ harmful rays as well.

Ask your employer about their plan for you and your co-workers air quality safety and UV protection.  If they don’t have one, then ask them to contact us so we can help develop one.   In the meantime, protect yourself with one or more of our products that best meets your needs – STYLE SEAL, PENUMBRA or UMBRA

Adding your company logo to STYLE SEAL, PENUMBRA or UMBRA is a great way to advertise while protecting employees and customers at the same time.   What a better place to and advertise than on your employees and customers face!


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