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The Leaders In Personal Air and UV Protection

StyleSEAL Air Masks

StyleSEAL are handcrafted and stylish, eco-friendly anti-pollution masks.

Our filters are tested at Nelson Labs, USA in compliance with US-FDA regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 280, at a particle size of 0.3 microns.

Protect yourself in style.

Our features:

  • Filters up to 99% of harmful PM2.5 pollutants
  • Multiple sizes and adjustable ear loops ensure optimal sealing
  • Breathable fine fabrics offer high air flow, comfort and style
  • Replaceable, color coded filters in multiple levels
  • Exhalation valves and optional air fresheners

Air Masks

Mellow Yellow Air Mask
Aquapard Air Mask
The Jack Air Mask
Bali Thai Air Mask
Rainbow Plaid Air Mask
Geo-ethnic Air Mask
Geometric Color Air Mask
Pink Flamingo Air Mask
Abstract Summer Air Mask
Skully Air Mask
The Oksana Air Mask
Flowers & Butterflies Air Mask
Totally Tartan Air Mask
Polka Dot Air Mask
The Oxford Air Mask
Houndstooth Air Mask
Leopard Air Mask
Graypard Air Mask
Funky Purple Camo Air Mask
Sky Blue Camo Air Mask

Why Use Air Masks?

Exposure to air pollution leads to diseases such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, COPD and respiratory infections, including pneumonia. WHO estimates that around 7 million people die every year from exposure to fine particles in polluted air.

Most of us care about our health and are careful about what we eat and drink. An adult breathes more than 10,000 liters of air in a day. You wouldn’t drink dirty and polluted water, so why would you want to breathe polluted air?

Use an air mask if you are:

  • Exposed to air pollution
  • Suffer from allergies
  • Work in hair/nail salon
  • When commuting or flying
  • Elderly and children – you are more vulnerable


This is a fantastic mask if living – working in an environmentally challenged, polluted – industrial cities, or traveling on planes or any public transport. Ive been cough and Bronchitis – flu free for 3 months now.Christian Brady
Great product! The filters attach so simply with Velcro. I don’t know how I managed without one driving around the busy city streets of Bangkok, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. Great value for a quality product. Would recommend to anyone.Rob Holmes
The masks are stylish and comfortable. After trying one, I had some masks made with my company logo on the front and sent them to customers in high pollution areas. They all love them. I use my own frequently when traveling on air planes and trains around Asia. Joe Di Rienzo

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