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Comfortable KN95 Protection. Great for You and Good for the Planet

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pro filter masks


The PRO is our most comfortable face mask ever.

Five years in the business has taught us a lot about making masks. We have listened to you and one thing is clear: you want a comfortable face mask.

We have expanded the filter area to cover the entire mouth and nose. This greatly reduces heat and increases comfort compared to the AIR style.

SAFE – The all-new PRO conforms to both the KN95 and ASTM F3502 international mask standards.

REUSABLE – Change filters and use the mask again. The mask is washable and dries quickly. It’s good for the planet too, unlike disposable masks that waste earloops and nosepieces every time they are discarded.

COMFORTABLE – The new foam liner is soft, keeps the mask seal, and leaves room for your face to breathe. The high-flow mesh fabric makes breathing easy and cools your face during hot weather.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – Choose PRO-SAFE for maximum KN95 protection, PRO-FLOW for better breathability at high filtration, and PRO-COOL for the most comfort.

If you liked the AIR, you’ll love the PRO. It’s the future of face masks, with love from STYLESEAL to you.

Latest PRO Styles


Advanced air mask with replaceable PM2.5 filters, designed to protect you against both pollution and airborne germs.

SAFE – Filters up to 99% air pollution, dust, smoke, allergens, and airborne germs – independently tested by Nelson Labs, USA.

REUSABLE – Eco-friendly washable mask with replaceable filters – Just change filters and use the mask again.

COMFORTABLE – 3D off-the-face design makes wearing comfortable – includes adjustable ear-loops and moldable nosepiece.

OPTIONAL VALVE – Reduces heat, CO2, and moisture buildup inside the mask – makes breathing easier when you are active.

air filter masks
basic fabric masks


A reusable fabric mask that protects against airborne viruses and germs. Does not feature PM2.5 air filters.

WATER REPELLENT – Outer layer repels droplets that may contain viruses or bacteria.

ANTI-BACTERIAL – Treated inner layer helps prevent bacterial growth and acne on the face.

WASHABLE – Hand washable 30+ times to lower cost and be environmentally friendly.

MULTIPLE SIZES – Multiple sizes and adjustable strap ensure a comfortable but sealed fit.


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