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New Evidence Shows Why Covid-19 Make Face Masks Necessary

Today, even the sound of a cough – one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – can cause panic and fear. People can get infected when a person coughs or sneezes as tiny droplets travel and permeate the air. These particles can land on surfaces and in a person’s mouth, nose […]

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Which Face Mask is Best for Your Needs: Air Filter or Basic?

Who is the Air Filter Mask for? The Air Filter Mask is for anyone wanting the best possible protection from all airborne hazards, including pollution and germs. Our advanced filter technology blocks up to 99% particle pollution (PM2.5) and airborne germs such as bacteria or viruses. The filters are removeable, allowing you to replace them […]

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Face Mask Exhalation Valves and Covid-19: Good or Bad?

What is an exhalation valve and what does it do? An exhalation valve is a one-way vent installed on higher end face masks and respirators. Its function is to allow easier breathing, prevent humidity and reduce uncomfortable heat and CO2 (carbon dioxide) buildup inside the mask. A face mask with an exhaust valve will feel more […]

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Air Pollution Masks – Your 5 Top Questions Answered

Are Air Pollution Masks Really Effective? Yes, they are! At least three scientific studies have looked at the effectiveness of face masks for protecting against air pollution. One study found that face masks filter between 14% and 96% of PM2.5, depending on the brand and type of mask. The average filtering capability of all the masks was […]

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