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advantages of styleseal pro mask

Advantages Of The STYLESEAL PRO KN95 Mask (Video)

A short video on the advantages of the STYLESEAL PRO mask. Chapters: 0:00 STYLESEAL PRO Introduction 0:16 Design Goals 0:28 Other Benefits 0:50 Enhancements – Dual Nosepieces 1:10 Enhancements – Soft Foam Lining 1:28 Enhancements – Increased Area In Mask…

how to use the styleseal pro mask dual nose pieces

How To Use The STYLESEAL PRO Mask Dual Nose Pieces (Video)

A short video to explain the benefits of the STYLESEAL PRO dual nose pieces and how to remove and reinstall them. Chapters: 0:00 Dual Nosepiece Introduction 0:01 How To Remove the Bottom Nosepiece 0:01 How To Re-install the Bottom Nosepiece…

how to use the styleseal lanyard

How To Use The STYLESEAL Lanyard (Video)

A short video on how to maximize all the benefits of the STYLESEAL Lanyard. Chapters: 0:00 Lanyard Introduction 0:26 Advantages of a Lanyard 0:46 Dual Benefit As a Head Strap 1:09 How To Use the Head Strap Feature 1:22 Lanyard…

msk confusion editorial

Face Mask Confusion – STYLESEAL Editorial (Video)

A STYLESEAL editorial on why the public is confused about whether to mask and how to do so effectively. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:06 Pushback to Mandates 1:10 Confusing Instructions 1:48 Shortage of PPE – Better Instruction 2:37 Better Planning /…

why how when to mask

Why, How, And When To Use A Mask (Video)

A video that explains why, how, and when we should still mask post-Covid-19. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:15 Mask Objections – Cost and Comfort 1:02 Should I still Wear a Mask 2:14 Two Row Rule Explained 5:39 More Reasons to Mask…

Scientists find air pollution may trigger lung cancer

Scientists find air pollution may trigger lung cancer

If you’re at all concerned about your health and the effects of air pollution, you really should use an air mask. A new study has found that exposure to particulate matter can trigger cell changes that lead to lung cancer.…

cough simulation test

Why Face Masks Are Necessary for Covid-19

Today, even the sound of a cough – one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – can cause panic and fear. People can get infected when a person coughs or sneezes as tiny droplets travel and permeate…

styleseal basic face mask navy blue

Which Face Mask is Best for You: AIR Filter or BASIC?

Who is the AIR Filter Mask for? The AIR Filter Mask is for anyone wanting the best possible protection from all airborne hazards, including pollution and germs. Our advanced filter technology blocks up to 99% particle pollution (PM2.5) and airborne…